DataStage – Timestamp from Datetime

Timestamp from date is one of those data type conversions, which I occasionally have to do in DataStage but can never seem to remember. So, I thought I would write this quick post to document the data type conversion code, which is easy, once I finally remember how to do it again.  The TimestampFromDateTime Function … Continue reading DataStage – Timestamp from Datetime

Infosphere Knowledge Resources

Infosphere Knowledge Resources IBM Knowledge Center The IBM Knowledge Center is the IBM product documentation Site designed to help you plan, install, configure, use, tune, monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain the product. URL: IBM InfoSphere Information Server Version 11.7.0 documentation The IBM InfoSphere Information Server Version 11.7.0 documentation provides IIS specific documentation about how to … Continue reading Infosphere Knowledge Resources

What is Information Server– LaunchPad?

Information Server– LaunchPad What is Information Server– LaunchPad? The IBM Information server LaunchPad is a central access portal to access the Administration and Application Web-based ‘Thin-Clients’ and consoles. LaunchPad provides access to IIS data governance, quality, management, and integration capabilities. Not all applications icons displayed in LaunchPad are licensed or available for use. Related References WHAT … Continue reading What is Information Server– LaunchPad?