IBM InfoSphere Licensing – DataStage and DataQuality

IBM InfoSphere Licensing - DataStage and DataQuality
IBM Infosphere Information Server (IIS)

Licensing is one of the major factors which can limit Infosphere performance, flexibility, and extensibility. Licensing can affect you performance through the type of product which being licensed and the Quality of CPU’s Cores being licensed, and the operating system for the license was purchased.

The Type Of Product For Which Was Licensed Was Or Is Being Purchased

The type of product license purchased reduce your ability to tune and achieve optimal performance by reducing the ability to perform parallel processing.  For Example, the difference between the IBM InfoSphere DataStage licenses:

  • IBM InfoSphere DataStage Server Edition – A standalone ETL solution without full parallel processing framework capabilities.
  • IBM InfoSphere DataStage – Includes parallel processing capabilities to handle a massive volume, velocity, and variety of data.

Also, Information server packs and special environment licenses provide enhanced capability in specific environment scenarios.  For example:

  • IBM InfoSphere DataStage MVS Edition – Provides capability to generate COBOL programs that run natively on the mainframe to access and integrate mainframe data sources to load into a data warehouse.
  • IBM InfoSphere Information Server Pack for Oracle Applications – Allows data extraction from the entire Oracle E-Business Suite of applications, including Oracle Financials, Manufacturing, CRM and others, in a DataStage ETL job.
  • IBM InfoSphere Information Server Pack for PeopleSoft Enterprise – Provides a graphical way to extract data from PeopleSoft Enterprise in a DataStage ETL job.
  • IBM InfoSphere Information Server Pack for – Enables a no-programming, meta-data based, fully configurable integration between and other enterprise applications and data repositories.

The Quality Of CPU’s Cores For The Licensed Was Or Is Being Purchased

The proper sizing of the license to acquire has a significant effect on DataStage’s ability to leverage the system CPU’s/cores and is frequently undersized.  While there is a balance between cost and performance, under sizing your license can add cost in support, as well as, increase processing times.  Furthermore, most performance issues reported to IBM are with system licensed for less than eight (8) CPU/Cores

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