Welcome To Scientia Compendium
Welcome To Scientia Compendium

Welcome to Scientia Compendium.

Hi, I am an information architect and technical lead with an eclectic background in multiple sectors which includes the commercial, public and defense sectors. I started Scientia Compendium as a way of preserving the knowledge gained over the course of my career, specifically, somewhere other than on a USB flash drive. Since its launch, Scientia Compendium has gained a fair bit of traction online and it is my hope that it grows to become an authority blog for persons looking to get career and personal growth. So far, working on Scientia Compendium has been an amazing experience and it’s my hope that it grows to include other professionals with vital experiences to share.

I create contents on career management, data integration, Linux, database, information security, systems development life cycle (SDLC), and enterprise resource planning (ERP). The contents available on Scientia Compendium are written to communicate with my audience in mind, which shows in the way the blogs are structured.

My professional experience has spanned over more than 40 years and has seen me work with some of the major players in business, defense, and government. I have held roles in different management capacities, have three certifications and a published a book on understanding the many forms of power and how it can be utilized for personal growth.

With Scientia Compendium’s growth in popularity, blogging has become more than just another hobby for me and now is a part-time commitment. I believe you would find the snippets of information I publish on Scientia Compendium useful as much of what is covered in this blog are things I faced or have had to provide answers for others over the course of my career. Scientia Compendium is my way of sharing my experiences and thoughts with others.


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