DataStage – Timestamp from Datetime

Timestamp from date is one of those data type conversions, which I occasionally have to do in DataStage but can never seem to remember. So, I thought I would write this quick post to document the data type conversion code, which is easy, once I finally remember how to do it again.  The TimestampFromDateTime Function … Continue reading DataStage – Timestamp from Datetime

Infosphere Knowledge Resources

Infosphere Knowledge Resources IBM Knowledge Center The IBM Knowledge Center is the IBM product documentation Site designed to help you plan, install, configure, use, tune, monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain the product. URL: IBM InfoSphere Information Server Version 11.7.0 documentation The IBM InfoSphere Information Server Version 11.7.0 documentation provides IIS specific documentation about how to … Continue reading Infosphere Knowledge Resources

DataStage – Netezza Connector Action Column

Over the years have occasionally use the action column feature, however, the last month or so I have found myself using it quite a lot. This is especially true in relation to the tea set and not just in relation to the change capture stage. The first thing you need to know is, if you … Continue reading DataStage – Netezza Connector Action Column

Big Data vs. Virtualization

Globally, organizations are facing challenges emanating from data issues, including data consolidation, value, heterogeneity, and quality. At the same time, they have to deal with the aspect of Big Data. In other words, consolidating, organizing, and realizing the value of data in an organization has been a challenge over the years. To overcome these challenges, … Continue reading Big Data vs. Virtualization

Netezza / Puredata – How to replace or trim CHAR(0) is NULL characters in a field

Occasionally, one runs into the problem of hidden field values breaking join criteria.  I have had to clean up bad archive and conversion data with hidden characters serval times over the last couple of weeks, so, I thought I might as well capture this note for future use. I tried the Replace command which is … Continue reading Netezza / Puredata – How to replace or trim CHAR(0) is NULL characters in a field

Data Warehousing vs. Data Virtualization

Today, a business heavily depends on data to gain insights into their processes and operations and to develop new ways to increase market share and profits. In most cases, data required to generate the insights are sourced and located in diverse places, which requires reliable access mechanism. Currently, data warehousing and data virtualization are two … Continue reading Data Warehousing vs. Data Virtualization

End Of Support For IBM InfoSphere 9.1.0

End of Support for IBM InfoSphere Information Server 9.1.0 IBM InfoSphere Information Server 9.1.0 will reach End of Support on 2018-09-30.  If you are still on the InfoSphere Information Server (IIS) 9.1.0, I hope you have a plan to migrate to an 11-series version soon.  InfoSphere Information Server (IIS) 11.7 would be worth considering if you … Continue reading End Of Support For IBM InfoSphere 9.1.0