InfoSphere DataStage – Operations Manual Template

When projects transition to production, the receiving team need some transition documentation to help with knowledge transfer and to guide them while they get accustomed to operating the application and can form their own documentation.  This temple is a shell, which usually provides enough detail, with some updating, to provide a quick reference regarding the … Continue reading InfoSphere DataStage – Operations Manual Template

What is BYOD?

Acronyms, Abbreviations, Terms, And Definitions What is BYOD? Basically, BYOD (bring your own device) is an information technology trend toward employee-owned devices within a business, in which consumer software and hardware are being integrated into the enterprise workplace. Benefits of BYOD The benefits of BYOD depend upon the point of view, here is a quick … Continue reading What is BYOD?

Netezza / PureData – How to find and kill table locks

Netezza/PureData Table Session Locks Sometimes there is a need to find and/or kill (terminate) table locks, so, that application process and user access can be restored.  To do this relative straight forward if you have access and the appropriate permission to the Netezza PureData server. How to find table locks on a Netezza database Log … Continue reading Netezza / PureData – How to find and kill table locks

Infosphere Director Scheduler

Infosphere Director Scheduler First let us start with dispelling a common myth, The InfoSphere scheduler is not an Enterprise Scheduler application. The scheduling service in InfoSphere leverages the operating system (OS) scheduler, in the case of Linux this is CRON, and provides graphical User Interface, which a provides time based capability to schedule Jobs at the … Continue reading Infosphere Director Scheduler

What is System Availability?

High Availability The term system availability, in a nutshell, describes a system operating correctly, reachable, and is available for use by consuming customer and systems.  Generally, speaking system availability is a measure used to ensure that a system and/or application is meeting it Service Level Agreement (SLA) obligations.  Any loss of service, whether planned or … Continue reading What is System Availability?

What is a Runbook?

Procedures What is a Runbook? What is a Runbook: a runbook is a collection of procedures, instruction, and operations used for reference (like Standard Operating procedures), which systems administrators or operations teams perform in the normal course of monitoring, controlling, and orchestrating technical systems and process. Related Topics What is an Enterprise Process Scheduler? What … Continue reading What is a Runbook?

IBM InfoSphere DataStage Migration Checklist

IBM Infosphere Information Server (IIS) Assuming that your InfoSphere instance has been installed and configured, here is a quick migration checklist to assist in making sure that you have performed the essential tasks. Major TasksParent-TasksChild-taskCompletion StatusCreate Migration Package    Create Database scripts   Export DataStage components   Gather support files   Compress migration package   Baseline migration package in CM Tool   Upload package to target environment  Deploy … Continue reading IBM InfoSphere DataStage Migration Checklist