Data Modeling – Dimension Table Effective Practices

Database Table I've had these notes laying around for a while, so, I thought I consolidate them here.   So, here are few guidelines to ensure the quality of your dimension table structures. Dimension Table Effective Practices The table naming convention should identify it as a dimension table. For example: Suffix Pattern: <<TableName>>_Dim <<TableName>>_D Prefix … Continue reading Data Modeling – Dimension Table Effective Practices

Common Information Integration Testing Phases

Over the years I have seen a lot of patterns for Information integration testing process and these patterns will not be an exhaustive list of patterns a consultant will encounter over the course of a career. However, the two most common patterns in the testing process are: The Three Test Phase Pattern In the three … Continue reading Common Information Integration Testing Phases

Information Management Unit Testing

Information Management Unit Testing Information management projects generally have the following development work: Data movement software;Data conversion software;Data cleansing routines;Database development DDL; andBusiness intelligence and reporting analytical solutions. Module testing validates that each module's logic satisfies requirements specified in the requirements specification. Effective  Practices Should focus on testing individual modules to ensure that they perform to … Continue reading Information Management Unit Testing