Netezza / PureData – Table Describe SQL

If you want to describe a PureData / Netezza table in SQL, it can be done, but Netezza doesn’t have a describe command.  Here is a quick SQL, which will give the basic structure of a table or a view.  Honestly, if you have Aginity Generating the DDL is fast and more informative, at least … Continue reading Netezza / PureData – Table Describe SQL

Aginity For Netezza – How to Generate DDL

How to Generate Netezza Object DDL In ‘Aginity for Netezza’ this process is easy, if you have a user with sufficient permissions. The basic process is: In the object browser, navigate to the Database select the Object (e.g. table, view, stored procedure) Right Click, Select ‘Script’ > ‘DDL to query window’ The Object DDL will … Continue reading Aginity For Netezza – How to Generate DDL

Database – What is TCL?

TCL (Transaction Control Language) statements are used to manage the changes made by DML statements. It allows statements to be grouped together into logical transactions. The main TCL commands are: COMMIT SAVEPOINT ROLLBACK SET TRANSACTION Related References Database Table Field Ordering Effective Practices Structured Query Language (SQL) Tuning What is DDL? What is DML? What … Continue reading Database – What is TCL?