Consulting – You must love your work?

Why you should love your work Sooner or later you will wonder why you are not passionate and energized about your work. At the same time, an inner voice will tell you to suck it up because work is only a four-letter word and you are not supposed to enjoy it. It is a misconception … Continue reading Consulting – You must love your work?

What does the Information technology consultant do?

What’s the information technology consultant job? The growth of e-services and the rise of social computing has created an increase in the demand for information technology consultant jobs. The combination of technology and business knowledge is what information technology consultancy is all about. It focuses on advising their clients on how to perfectly use information … Continue reading What does the Information technology consultant do?

Consulting – Everyone does sales

Everyone who earns a living does sales To make a living, we must sell our service, whether selling: Our services and expertise to a company in an interview to be an employee Or selling our skill, creativity,  and productivity to keep our jobs, or get that promotion, Or whether we sell our services as consultants … Continue reading Consulting – Everyone does sales

Mastery – Success Equals Preparation

While flipping through some old papers the day I  saw this maxim scribbled down on a piece of paper. This maxim has proven true for many.  there is a high likelihood that folks with a military background have heard it somewhere along the way. Success Maxim Success equals preparation meeting opportunity. This concept is, also sometime … Continue reading Mastery – Success Equals Preparation

Leadership – Success Characteristics in Decisive Situations

Key Success Characteristics in Decisive Situations For leaders and managers two key behaviors of success are: Pay great attention to relevant details Concentrate on skillful, timely, and accurate communications Source The Way of the Warrior: Business Tactics and Techniques from History's Twelve Greatest Generals, St. Martin's Griffin, 1998. ISBN 0-312-19535-4, James F. Dunnigan And Daniel … Continue reading Leadership – Success Characteristics in Decisive Situations