Netezza / PureData – Substring Function Example

The function Substring (SUBSTR) in Netezza PureData provides the capability parse character type fields based on position within a character string. Substring Functions Basic Syntax SUBSTRING Function Syntax SUBSTRING(<<CharacterField>>,<< StartingPosition integer>>, <<for Number of characters Integer--optional>>)   SUBSTR Function Syntax SUBSTR((<>,<< StartingPosition integer>>, <>)   Example Substring SQL Substring SQL Used In Example SELECT  LOCATIONTEXT … Continue reading Netezza / PureData – Substring Function Example

Netezza / PureData – Substring Function

Netezza Puredata Substring Function Substring is a common enough function in SQL, however, the exact language format used to perform this function can vary from one database to another.  So, here are a few quick notes on the substring format in Netezza / PureData. What is the purpose of a substring? SUBSTRING allows SQL to … Continue reading Netezza / PureData – Substring Function